Our Charter

Our Charter


The desire to create a club specifically for women was born from a belief held by Founder and President, Maria “Big Momma” Jenkins, that a “Special Sisterhood” exists between all women that ride. Although we are all different, we share one common bond: It takes a “rare” breed of woman to throw her leg over a motorcycle and truly appreciate the freedom it provides. Once your leg is over that bike, and it’s roaring down the road, your spirit is transformed. You can leave all of your earthly concerns behind and be lifted above whatever is ailing you. For those brief periods of time, you can spread your wings and fly. True Freedom is just a throttle twist away.


.... THE SHE DEVILS MOTORCYCLE CLUB USA, or She Devils MC USA, became an official “three rocker” club on July 31st, 2004. Officially Based in Hayward Calif, we now have members that hail from cities that circle the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Together we ride to hundreds of Motorcycle Club functions each year in support of other clubs and their charities. We have adopted and support several local charities of our own, and host yearly functions that specifically raise cash and services to address their needs. We volunteer our time as well as our resources to help others in need.


.... We are dedicated to our families, our sisterhood, our motorcycle club and our riding. We are proud to represent a woman’s motorcycle club that can make a difference in the public’s view of all bikers and all motorcycle clubs. We still get the hard looks when we arrive, but by the time we leave we have made friends, shared some laughs and definitely changed some minds about who and what we are.


.... It is because we are She Devils, we have chosen to set the bar higher. As women and as a women’s motorcycle club, we have chosen to step up and represent. “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond all measure…”